Discovering just the right book or app can be a difficult task. That's where Zoobean comes in.

We select books, recommend apps, and provide learning guides just for your child. Our mission is to encourage literacy and help parents like you give their kids a head start. We know that it's important to help kids start learning early and build a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Here's how we do it.

We realize that every kid is different and one app or book doesn’t always work for all. You tell us your child's age, gender, reading level, and interests ranging from "Adventure" to "Not-So-Pink Girls" to "Zany." We start curating from there.

Our family of literacy experts (who happen to be parents, educators, and librarians, too) individually catalogs high-quality books and apps. A personal expert works directly with you to select books to send to your child and also recommends apps that might be good matches.

Through an online profile, you can update your child's preferences and access a learning guide for each book selection. You can also browse our experts’ themed learning guides on subjects ranging from "Manners" to "Celebrating Hispanic Heritage" to "Real Princesses." Themed learning guides include book and app recommendations along with background information, discussion starters, activities, and additional resources.

Your online profile is available at anytime and on any device. You can even invite your child's teachers and family to share access to his or her profile so that you can better collaborate with the people you trust most.


We’re teachers and parents who, like you, want to help our kids learn.

Our Chief Mom, Jordan, was the Head of K-12 Education at Google. Felix, our Chief Dad, was Washington, DC's Teacher of the Year. But then came the roles of their lifetimes: becoming parents to their son and daughter!

They were inspired to create Zoobean when they struggled to find apps and books that met their son's interests. At the same time, they saw how much a particular book, titled "All the World," had engaged their son and prepared him to be a big brother.

"We only found the book after asking around and searching several online blogs," said Jordan. "I remember feeling such joy at watching him pretend to read its pages. And before long, we couldn't help but think that we had to find a better way to keep it going -- not just for books but also for apps in which case the options run a wide range."

Zoobean began with a few parents cataloging their favorite children's apps and books in ways that made sense for their families. It has since evolved into a service that helps build a personalized library of selections for each one-of-a-kind kid.

We understand the importance of building literacy early and often.

Research confirms that the things that happen to children’s brains in their earliest years shape the adults they become, the success they achieve, and the contributions they make in the world. Children who are not reading at the level of their peers by age eight are at risk of facing the "third-grade cliff."

At Zoobean, we know that parents and families play the most important role in building their children's literacy. Our mission is to empower you with resources that build your children's literacy and inspire the imagination.

Everything we do is inspired by 3 values:


A family's love is boundless, inspiring us to want the best for our children, our friends, and communities.


We empower you with a diverse set of stories and resources, so you’re better equipped to help your kids express themselves and feel a part of their community.


It may not be in the dictionary, but we believe in it. We’re dedicated to offering you the most current resources available: great books, apps, and literacy tools, so your children can thrive!